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2.6 Million users who left MTN & 52,251 that also left Etisalat Network.

2.6 Million users  who left MTN & 52,251 that also left Etisalat Network.

            Mtn, This is very serious and strange  at the same time. Why on earth will th sum of 2.6Million subscribers dump MTN Nigeria? this is a great lose and it’s unbearable,it  Could also be because  of the “MTN BBLITED “that was recently blocked. why on earth  will  the sum of 52,251 subscribers dump Etisalat? things are not actually going well to be frank with you.

Note that bassed on a current report that was released by the ” NCC”, It was told that the sum total of people that asses the internet every day and those who were als subcribers was brought together and the number was approximately 95.94 million, but gradually  reduced to 93.75 million in the month of Feb. The data brought out the the internet users on the Global system just for global communucation and as well as the code Multiple Access network that was reduced  by 2,194,162.

This data was able to  show that out  of the 93.75 million people that were using the  internet in February, 93.6 million were only on  ” GSM” networks, while in the other hand  150,125 users were on the ” CDMA”.

Know  it that 93.6 million internet users on the GSM networks in the month was   reviewed,  MTN Nigeria recorded a sm total of   35.6 million customers that access the internet on its network.

MTN Nigeria lost the sum total of 2.6 million people that access the internet as well as those that  subscribes in February, latter it  recorded the sum total of  38.21 million users in the month of January.
while globacom hadthe sum total of  25.68 million customers going through the internet in the month of  February, just  as the number increased by 248,593 according to  January’s record of 25.43 million.
Airtel also  had 17 million people that  internet users in the month of February, rose from 16.85 million customers that was  recorded in January.

Note that the number of people that access the internet that is in Airtel increased up to 224,037 in February.

ETISALAT on the other hand had the sum total of 15.23 people that uses the internet in February, unlike 15.28 million in January, therefor it reduced by 52,251 in the month that was previewed.

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