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The New Airtel Triple Surf Gives You 100% Data Bonus On Your Airtel Data Plan

Airtel Triple Surf is a new offer from Airtel, Airtel Nigeria which has been one of the biggest contenders in the network global world are here once again. Airtel has been impressive in recent times as they vows to make their customers happy with their latest data plans. This data plans are said to be cheap and affordable.

The new Airtel Triple surf offer is a new tariff plan whereby Airtel will give you up to 100% bonus on data activation on purchase and renewals. This airtel triple surf is designed by Airtel Nigeria to reward their data subscribers. You can get reward of up a 100% of your current Airtel Data plan.


Airtel Triple Surf


The Airtel triple surf offer is designed in such a way that Airtel data subscribers get more for staying with the company. It is not a data plan on its own but only gives you bonus on your data subscription based on your current Airtel data plans. The Percentage of data you get is dependent on your current Airtel data plan.



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Know it that you wiill stand a chance to enjoy 50% bonus data when you activate any of the applicable data plans which is  Up to 75% bonus data on first renewal and also Up to 100% bonus data on 2nd renewal respectively.

Having said much, i know that the big question on your mind now is how to get started considering the fact that most of you don’t know how to. With out wasting time, i am going to tell you how to activate this new sweet plan.

This Is How You Can Activate The Airtel Triple Surf And The Available Plans!

  • Just Simply Dial *141#
  • Then Select option 2 in the menu “Triple Surf Offer”, you will see the list of applicable bundles
  • Activate any of the applicable data bundles that is been mentioned and you will begin to enjoy your bonus.

Get To Know The Available Plans on Triple Surf Offer


Plan Name     |     Price  |    Volume    |    1st subscription  |  1st R    2nd R

Daily                     100         30MB                    50%        75%           100%

3 day                     200         50MB                    50%        75%           100%

Weekly                  300         80MB                    50%        75%          100%

Easy                      500         750MB                  50%        75%           100%

Android1             1000       1.5GB                    50%         50%            50%

Android 2            2000       3.5GB                    50%         50%            50%

Android 3.5         3500       7GB                        50%         50%           50%


How to Check your Data Balance >>> Simply dial *140# to check your Airtel data balance!

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