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Cheapest Airtel Data Plans for all Devices In (July 2016)

Cheapest Data Airtel has yet again released for Blackberry Phones, Android Phones, Laptops, iPhone, iPad and other devices.  You ought to know that this data bundles issues are of different kinds, we have light users and heavy users. the light users consume little data while the heavy users consume much data in the cause of downloading large files.But before that.

Cheap Airtel data bundle meant for (light users) which are  for Androids, black berry and some other smart phones!!

Here are the cheapest Data Bundles plan for Android, Blackberry Smartphones and Tablets devices, the data plans includes 30MB with N100, 50MB with N200 for 3days. Including the 5-STAR PACK, where you will get 25MB (5MB DAILY) with N100. Including the Easy Plan, Weekly Plan and the rest of them. Below are more other bundles plans, you can check it out below!

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1:  300 to get 80MB just Dial *417# for one week.
2: 500 to get 750mb just Dial *418# for 14days.
3: 1500 to get 3GB just Dial *435# for 30days.
4: 1000 to get 1.5GB just Dial *496# for 30 days.
5: Black berry sub just for 1,000 to get 3GB – Dial *431# for 30days.

6: 1000 to get 1.5GB – Dial *496# for 30 days.
7: 2,500 to get 5GB – Dial *437*1# for 30days.
8: 2k to get 3.5GB – Dial *437# for 30days.
9: 3,500 to get 7GB – Dial *438# for 30days.

cheapest Data Airtel bundle meant for heavy users for Androids,black berry and other smart device!!

cheapest Data there are mainly for those that download much, and access the net in a big way there by consuming more of data bundles so with out wasting time i have highlighted below  the cheapest data plans for heavy users using Android, Blackberry Smartphones and Tablets.

1: N2,500 to get 5GB – Dial *437*1# for 30days. (Android and Tablet)2

2: 2k to get 3.5GB – Dial *437# for 30days. (Android and Tablet)
3: N1500 to get 3GB – Dial *435# for 30days. This is the Cheapest of All. (Blackberry, Android and Tablet)
4: Black berry sub N1k to get 3GB – Dial *431# for 30days.

5: N3,500 to get 7GB – Dial *438# for 30days.
6: N5k to get 12GB – Dial *452# for 30days.
7: N8k to get 24GB – Dial *460# for 30days.

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