How To Study Without IELTS in the United States

How To Study Without IELTS

For international students, How To Study Without IELTS in the United States is a gift made in heaven that one will wish to have. Millions of international students wish to study in the United States because of their ways of life, their good education system, getting a job upon graduation and so on. Some get discourages because of the IELTS exams which can be technical. For one to live in a foreign country, one much be proficient in the language.

However, some universities in the United States do not require IELTS for international students. By studying in the United States, you get to be familiar with a new culture while learning from some of the top universities or colleges globally. Studying abroad can be a great benefit when sending out your resume.

Gaining admission to the school of your choice may be difficult for international students. Overcoming the first step is difficult which is a significant part. The language barrier can hinder you from learning – both inside and outside the classroom. See below for what IELTS is, the university that does not require it for international students and how to study in the US without it.

IELTS and International Students

The standard test for assessing English proficiency among students is through the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). It is an intensive examination process that lasts a total of 3 hours. This is where students get tested in the English language. Before students can plan any further, he or she must score well on this test.

The IELTS is frequently required for students who wish to study overseas. It is also a prerequisite for those who are interested in migrating, working in other countries or staying in other countries permanently. As the IELTS is a standard requirement for most universities, it is not a mandatory one for all universities. Interested students may be exempted from the test in most universities, but, this would limit your options in choosing a school, but the choices are there regardless.

Most universities in America do not require IELTS as necessary for admission purposes. Such universities are California State University, Drexel University, State University of New York, University of Arkansas, University of Dayton, University of Delaware, University of Iowa, University of Missouri, University of New Orleans, University of North Texas, University of Wisconsin, as well as many other state universities.


It is very important to check if the school of your chosen holds the IELTS as a mandatory requirement. For the school’s mentioned, they do not give cognizant to IELTS in admission. It is not regarded as a necessity, that is, if you can meet their other important requirements. You will be required to fulfill one of the following criteria:

How To Study Without IELTS In The USA by Meeting These Requirements

Institutions with IELTS exemptions have different criteria that must be met. These are some common requirements that exclude international students to study in the USA without IELTS. Students are advised to visit the university website to see specific information for different universities.

English is your native language

One of the simplest ways to show your proficiency in English is if you have been living in an English-speaking country. The primary language in most countries is the English language. Citizens in these areas have adjusted well in other English-speaking countries because they are used to speaking English. Due to this fact, if English is your native language, many universities will exempt you from taking the IELTS exams.

Attended high school or a university whose English is the primary language of instruction.

The school you attended may be of great help in landing your dream university. Although each has a different standard, some universities will allow you the privilege of not taking the IELTS exam if the secondary school or university that you have attended use English as their primary language of instruction.

English Language Programs

Similar programs are available for those who are not interested in taking the IELTS. There is an English language course for such students which is commonly referred to as “English as a Second Language course”. The classes cover English reading, writing, listening, and speaking. They also cover proper grammar use in both the written and spoken categories. These Ade university courses. Therefore, students will take the ESL classes in a year before starting their degree program.


It is important to know that these tests or proofs of English Proficiency are not to deter aspiring students. The test is there to be sure that the student can take in and digest the school’s essences. For one to fully take charge of the learning experience, one must be familiar with the language. For those who are considering living in the country permanently, then the IELTS  an immensely helpful in getting your foot through the door. One of the requirements that one can not completely bypass is the language competency.