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Leaked! Specs of Innjoo 4 Flagship phone with 6GB, Dual Camera & Deca Core

Innjoo remains one of the best and strongest smartphones producers in the smartphone global market. after launching Innjoo X2, Innjoo fire 3 and innjoo max 3 respectively, they are now at the verge of launching Innjoo 4 Flagship phone which comes with amazing qualities.

It will be arriving with a Deca-Core processor which will also run an android version of  7.0 Nougat out of the box. The Innjoo 4 features UN-removable li-Polymer Battery which will make it enjoyable when been used.

The new Innjoo 4 will be featuring 6GB of RAM, making it very simple and faster when being used. It is also featured on the PRO2 coupled with an amazing  stunning designs with a sleek and less weight.

Leaked Photo.

Innjoo 4

Innjoo 4


Know it that, the new Innjoo 4 will also arrive with Dual Camera which will be very sharp and also it will be definitely super clear. The Front facing camera of the Innjoo 4 will also be included in the best camera/selfie Android Smartphones.

The soon coming innjoo 4 will feature a fingerprint scanner that will be able to unlock your phone within a twinkle of an eye, it will also come with a 4G LTE network connectivity for surfing the internet and downloading huge files faster. this has been the dream of so many. Stay put and wait for the soon coming smartphone.

It will be a pleasure i make it known to you that on the 7th of April, 2017: A rare photo of the soon coming smartphone was released through their official Innjoo Fan Page on Facebook.

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