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Cheapest List Of All MTN Data Bundle Plans in Nigeria For April 2017

One of the best network in the world Known as MTN, have been impressive in recent weeks and days with their latest release of there data bundle plans. It is being believed that there has been a huge rival which has been going on between MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT and GLO respectively. Non of them want to be left behind that is why MTN went to release their latest data bundle for April 2017.

So therefor, In this article, i will be sharing a full list of all the current active data plans, bundles and their prices for the MTN network in 2017. MTN also offers affordable data plans and their network has no issue to complain about because is very fast and they have also launched their MTN 4G LTE network which will make downloading and browsing more faster than you can ever imagine.

MTN Data

MTN Data

Although, Mtn 3G data plans no doubt are the best data plans you can get from Mtn Nigeria currently and they works perfectly on any device such as, laptops, iPhone, Blackberry, Modems, Mi-Fi and Windows phones respectively.

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MTN Night plan 500mb for 25

In other for an MTN subscribers to enjoy 500MB worth of data with just 25 in your airtime and can be activated by sending a text message, NIGHT to 131.

MTN daily Unlimited data plan

It is very cheap just, all you need to do is just pay a token of 150 for Unlimited daily browsing access and can be activated by dialing (*567*59#) which is only for the eligible users.

So, these data plans are just the best and current working and active data plans on MTN network in Nigeria for 2017. You can subscribe or choose anyone you wish!

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List Of MTN Active Data Plans For 2017

  1. You can obtain  30MB data for 100 : In other to get 30MB for 100 ,  Dial *104# or text 104 to 131. The validity is for 24 hours.
  1. You can as well obtain 100MB data for 200: To get 100MB data volume for 200, Dial *113# or text 113 to 131. It valid for 24 hours.
  1. Get 750MB data for 500 : to get 750MB for just 500  which is valid for 7 days,  Dial *131# >> reply 1 to buy data plans >> reply 2 for weekly plan >> reply 1 to purchase mtn weekly plan of 750MB at 500.
  1. 1GB for 500 (MTN Pulse Only): This plan works only on MTN Pulse tariff and is the best in this categories. If you not already on MTN Pulse, you need to migrate by Dialing *406# and reply with 1.

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Note: To buy or subscribe to MTN Pulse 1GB data volume for 500, dial *406# and reply with 2. its done.


Latest MTN Monthly Data Plans 2017

Without much time,i am going to show you MTN data bundle plans for 2017, below are the latest MTN (monthly Plans), they are all valid for 30 days and are usable anytime during the day or night. Most of them were introduced in June 2016.

(1:)  1.5GB for 1000: To get 1.5GB of data volume for 1000  on your Mtn line, to subscribe Dial *106# or text 106 to 131.

(2:)   3.5GB for 2000: To subscribe to this mtn data plan, to subscribe Dial *110# or text 110 to 131.

(3: 10GB for 5000: To get 10GB data volume offer from mtn Nigeria, Dial *116# to subscribe

(4:)  22GB for 10,000: You can subscribe to this mtn internet data plan by just dialling *117#.

(5:)  50GB for 20,000 : To subscribe, text 118 to 131. It is valid for 60 days.    


Latest MTN data plan for Blackberry 2017


Despite the fact that the fortune of Blackberry is going down recently, there are still couple of users that are looking for the latest mtn data plan for blackberry in 2017. Here are the list.

latest Mtn data plans 2017 (BB Complete Internet Plans)

  • Get 100MB for 100 Naira: Expires after 24hours. Text BBCDAY to 21600 to buy.
  • Get 500MB for 500 Naira: Expires after 7 days. Text BBCWEEK to 21600 to subscribe.
  • Get 2GB for 1,000 Naira: Expires after 30 days. Text BBCV to 21600 to subscribe.


Here are the Latest MTN Social data Plans

Social media is one thing that has so many users in it, so MTN tends to make things very easy for all that make us of their network. This social media such as  WhatSapp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Although, they are said to be affordable and makes updating your social media profiles easier and cheap. It is for low data consumers.

1: Weekly WhatSapp Plan: Text WAW to 131 to enjoy WhatSapp for 7 days at 25.

2: MTN WhatSapp Plan Monthly: Text WAM to 131 to enjoy WhatSapp for 30 days at 60.

3: Weekly Twitter Plan: This mtn data plan gives you access to twitter for 25 . It valid for 7 days. To subscribe, Text TWTW to

4: Monthly Twitter Plan: Get unlimited access to twitter for 30 days for just 60. To subscribe, Text TWTM to

5: MTN Weekly Eskimi Plan: Eskimi weekly plan valid for 7 days and costs 25. Text ESKW to 131.

6: Eskimi Monthly Plan: You get access to Eskimi for 30 days for just 60. Text ESKM to 131 to subscribe to this mtn data plan.

7: Weekly MTN Facebook Plan: It is valid for 7 days for just 25 . Weekly Facebook plan subscription code, Text FBW to

8: Monthly Facebook Plan: This plan gives you unlimited access to Facebook for 30 days. To subscribe, Text FBM to You will be charged 60.

9:We Chat MTN Weekly Plan: Weekly Wechat plan costs 25 and valid for 7 days. TEXT WCW TO 131 to subscribe.

10: Monthly We Chat Plan: MTN monthly Wechat plan costs 60 and valid for 30 days. TEXT WCM TO 131 to subscribe.

11: Weekly MTN 2GO Plan: Cost 25 and valid for 7 days. Text 2GOW to 131 to subscribe.

12: MTN Monthly 2GO Plan: Cost 60  and it’s valid for 30 days. Text 2GOM to 131 to buy.9

How to Check MTN Data Balance and Data Bonus in Nigeria

Many people have found it difficult to check thei data bundle balance, well you have no worries at all. In other to check your data balance on mtn, simply text 2 to 131. If you are using mtn double data, dial *559*2# to check mtn data balance. To check mtn data bonus, simply dial (*559*4# or *559#).

I hope you have been able to find detailed explanation about the latest Mtn data plans 2017 . If there is anything missing kindly call our attention by commenting below and the post will be update. So that is all about the latest mtn data plans in Nigeria.

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