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2.6 Million users who left MTN & 52,251 that also left Etisalat Network.


2.6 Million users  who left MTN & 52,251 that also left Etisalat Network.             Mtn, This is very serious and strange  at the same time. Why on earth will th sum of 2.6Million subscribers dump MTN Nigeria? this is a great lose and it’s unbearable,it  Could also be because  of the “MTN BBLITED “that was recently blocked. why on earth  ...

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View the latest Doogee Y300 smart phone.

doogee phone

Latest Doogee Y300 smart phone. latest Doogee Y300 smart phone,not that New smart phone are yet to come, here is another latest one by name ” Doogee”  although it may not be popular in the smartphone world ,  hence the company is good at gathering and producing good Android phones. This smart phone was produced by a Chinese smart  expatriate, ...

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Under water vehicle that operates autonomously.

under water

Under water vehicle that operates autonomously!   Recently the US company Boeing –who are actually known it’s aerospace business   has been seriously working on  manned and unmanned deep sea partarns  since the 1960s. It latest development so far in this aspect is a fleet of unmanned undersea vehicles that will be able to transport people under the water. you ...

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Cheapest Data bundle For your Laptops,Smartphones in 2016

Cheapest Data bundle

Cheapest Data bundle  for your Tablets and smartphones in  2016 Stay cool and see the Cheapest Data bundle, We are going to review to you the Cheapest Data bundle for Smartphones, iPhone, PC, Tablet which includes from MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat. All you need to do is to just know which network you are using and check it out. MTN ...

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Factors to consider when your smart phone over heat:Solution to smart phone over heat

Solution to smart phone over heat

Solution to smart phone over heat You can bear with me that andriod smart phone device is the most popular in the market and the producers now produce them in large quantity , there by making the smart phons to look as if it has been re-produced with the same feature but with different a name. even now and back ...

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Laptops according to there rankings

What you should know about laptop rankings. Top ranking laptops:Even if your buying a new car, new smart phones,computers know it that their rankings is been reviewed every year so that each and every one of them will know where they belong, by this they will know which is product does better.Note that even the lowest coming in ranking still ...

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Obtain your airtel 4GB bundle for just 1,500 with a free 2,600 for all smart device!

      Cheap airtel 1,500 for 4GB and  2,500 for 6GB on smart phones Don’t be carried away by this writeup, but you got to do with the requirement that is in it. know it that Airtel network is very fast in some areas and it dominate in most areas too.people will always fancy subscription at a very cheaper ...

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Newly established smartest andriod phone htc10

The smartest andriod phone htc10

The smartest andriod phone htc10 HTC 10 android smartphone is a must get device,this device remains the most powerful device yet with a whooping  156,091 score on the benchmark6, and also no smart device has reached this height. This smart device has not been brought out yet, therefor it can not be cancelled out yet, it has also been specially ...

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A smart phone that looks more of a gun.

 smart phone gun. Come to think  of it that someone points a smart phone at you. The next thing you see is the smart phones transforms into a gun, you might be thinking if this is  true, well lets see how it goes. Kjellberg kirk the great weapon developer said that he got an idea in a restaurant and a ...

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Galaxy Note 6 To Be Released in July 2016! See Full Specs

galaxy note 6

Current rumors is asking Samsung to bring out the latest Samsung note 6 in coming month July. last year Samsung brought out its tablet, the galaxy note 5 and roughly seven month since the invention, we got to know the initial rumors for its successor, Samsung  Galaxy note 6 which will soon be coming out in July instead of August ...

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