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Here’s is The Reason Why China Fears (Pokemon GO Game)

Pokemon GO clone has been made by China. which is been titled as (City Spirit GO), the Pokemon GO doppelganger has been trending on the iOS AppStore in China, mean while the game packs features. Its was believed that china has its own clones for one of the iPhone.

Know it that the original Pokemon GO Most Interesting game hasn’t made it to the Chinese app stores yet. US and Japan will join hands together to find Chinese military bases using Pokemon GO Sounds weird. We didn’t know about such spying functionalities.

Based on the current low Pokemon population which users should not go there to catch them, then it could be concluded that it is probably a restricted are where free movement is not allowed. The conspiracy theory has emerged in the light of the fact that the owners of the game in the name of (Nintendo) which are based in japan are have implemented the Map services of a US-based company. which states that;

pokemon go


“Don’t Play Pokemon GO!!!” – a Weibo user Pitaorenzhe posted. Weibo is a Chinese micro blogging version of Twitter. “It’s so the U.S. and Japan can explore China’s secret bases!”.

According by the reports from the researchers, that the federal ministries in the Chinese land were reluctant to make a response on the capabilities of the game. Lu Kang, the Spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign ministry, said that he didn’t have the time to play the game and he was not aware of the security risks which is been posed by Pokemon GO.

A 22 -year old childhood Pokemon follower in the name of (Gan Tian) made it known that it really looked forward to playing the Pokemon artificial reality game since they first announced it. that the love for the game was too much and also It is interesting to know that the search giant has already been blocked in China and the owner (Nintendo) hasn’t made any announcements for the launch of Pokemon GO in the country. This is just the truth of the matter, stay updated with us!

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