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Get A SWIFT 4G LTE Which offers 200% Extra Data To Its Users

Swift 4G LTE  has brought 200% extra data of their previous data subscription. This should go straight to those who access and make use of the internet regularly, If  also you use Swift 4G Network, it is believe to be very fast when it comes in terms of downloading  large files size in less than a minute.


Swift 4G LTE

In case you are among those who make use of Swift 4G Network, its time you get started becuase SWIFT is giving 200% free bonus on  data usage. Its very fast using Swift 4G Network.

Know it that Swift 4G LTE is currently giving free extra data package to its subscribers on business plan which is currently tempting for everyone using that network data.

Get Started!

* Get 48GB for 12,000,

* Get 65GB for 16,000

* Get 100GB for 20,000

* Get 125GB for 25,000

* Get 150GB for 30,000

If You renew your subscription and you’ll get 200% extra data free of charge… Offer Valid till 31st of August 2016.

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